GulfMark and each of its employees and agents (including consultants, independent contractors and other representatives), wherever they may be located, must conduct their affairs with uncompromising honesty and integrity.

Business ethics are no different than personal ethics. The same high standard applies to both. As a GulfMark employee or agent, you are required to adhere to the highest standards regardless of local custom.

Employees and agents are expected to be honest and ethical in dealing with each other, with clients, vendors and all other third parties. Doing the right thing means doing it right every time. You must also respect the rights of employees and third parties. Your actions must be free from discrimination, libel, slander or harassment. Each person must be accorded equal opportunity, regardless of age, race, sex, sexual preference, color, creed, religion, national origin, marital status, veteran's status, handicap or disability.

Misconduct cannot be excused because it was directed or requested by another. In this regard, you are expected to alert management whenever an illegal, dishonest or unethical act is discovered or suspected. You will never be penalized for reporting your discoveries or suspicions.

Employees should report any violation of the securities laws of the United States and any compliance issues and ethics violations of the Company‘s Code of Ethics as set forth below:

  • You are encouraged to direct concerns or report violations to your immediate supervisor.
  • If you believe your concerns have not been addressed satisfactorily by your supervisor, or if you are uncomfortable discussing concerns with your supervisor, please report your concerns by the following methods:
    • Calling a Company Compliance Hotline number as set forth below (which can be done anonymously); or
    • Submitting a report on the Company's multi-language compliance website (which can be done anonymously).
  • All communications through the GulfMark Compliance Alert Line will be handled with the utmost discretion.

Employees, agents and vendors are expected to cooperate in internal investigations of misconduct and violations of this Code. Company policy prohibits retaliation against persons making reports in good faith.

International Toll-Free Lines

From Brazil: 0800-890-0288 or 0800-8888-288 then 888-353-9930

From Indonesia: 001-803-1-006-8065

From Mexico: 01-800-288-2872 then 888-353-9930

From Norway: 800-116-55

From Philippines: 105-11 then 888-353-9930

From Singapore: 800-110-1793

From Thailand: 011-800-11-009-6939

From Trinidad: 1-800-872-2881 then 888-353-9930

From the United Kingdom: 0808-234-3670

From Vietnam - 1-201-0228; at the ATT prompt dial 877-776-1001

From Malaysia - 1-800-81-6245

Please note that the call must be made from the country in which the number is designated, and the call must be made from a land line with international access. In addition, only dial the numbers as they appear above - no prefixes, country codes, or additional numbers are necessary when dialing. For those countries with a single number, you will be connected directly to a specialist in that country's predominant language. For those countries that have a second number listed, after you dial the first number, you will hear the AT&T international prompt to enter the second number. Once the second number is dialed, you will be asked to select the language you would like to speak. Please be patient, as the process may take several minutes.

US Toll-Free Line


GulfMark strives to operate with the utmost integrity. We thank you for your help in protecting GulfMark's business and its reputation. If you have any questions regarding ethics, compliance, the website or telephone numbers, please contact GulfMark's Chief Compliance Officer:

GulfMark Offshore, Inc. – Compliance Department
842 West Sam Houston Parkway North, Suite 400
Houston, Texas 77024, USA
Telephone: (713) 636-3213

Jason D. Green
Chief Compliance Officer and VP Internal Audit