Vessel Types


Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) have substantial cargo-handling capabilities. PSVs transport fuel, water, drilling fluids, equipment and provisions to offshore facilities. PSVs play the fundamental support role in offshore drilling and production campaigns and are easily adaptable to serve more specialized client needs.

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Anchor Handling, Towing and Supply (AHTS) vessels set anchors for drilling rigs and tow mobile drilling rigs and equipment from one location to another. AHTS vessels also provide PSV Services.

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Fast Supply Vessels (FSV) are designed to transport people and cargo in support of drilling and production activities and other offshore projects and/or facilities at relatively higher speeds than a traditional supply vessel. Materials include deck cargo as well as fuel and water storage.

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Specialty Vessels (SpV) address a broad array of support functions and market sectors. Our SpVs support diving operations, survey operations and seismic data gathering, construction, subsea / IMR, and Standby Rescue among other segments. Specialty vessels may also be used for oil recovery, oil spill response and well stimulation.

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